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Justin Timberlake Talking About Son Silas February 2017

Justin Timberlake Jokes That He Could Easily Die of Pride For Son Silas

We all know that Justin Timberlake is crazy in love with his 1-year-old son, Silas, but we're only just starting to realise how in love Silas is with his dad. The Trolls actor attended a special Variety screening of the hit animated film on Thursday, and in addition to revealing Silas's obsession with watching it, he also opened up about being able to bond over his song, "Can't Stop the Feeling." "I guess if I die from anything, it may be from pride after having a child," Justin said. "So to be able to share this with him anytime the song comes on the radio or in the car . . . or sometimes you get a request. He says, 'Daddy's singing,' and you're like, 'Huh, I think I have something in my eye.'" Anddd we're crying.

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