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Katy Perry Talks About Orlando Bloom Engagement Jimmy Kimmel

Katy Perry Explained How Her Love Bloomed With Orlando, and It Involves In-N-Out Burgers

If Katy Perry's engagement ring wasn't enough to make us believe true love exists, you can bet her story about how they met is.

Katy stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked all about her relationship with Orlando Bloom. And like all great love stories, it started with a burger; but not any old burger — an In-N-Out burger. Katy explained that at the Golden Globes three years ago, she was sitting with Denzel Washington, and Orlando took a burger from their table; naturally protective over the burger (aren't we all), Katy let him steal one because she thought he was "so hot." Not long after that, they bumped into each other at a party, and she asked, "how are those onions resting on your molars," which is apparently how you win over Orlando because she said "cut to" and flashed her engagement ring.

Katy also told the story of their Valentine's Day engagement during a helicopter ride involving a ripped jacket and broken Champagne, but a whole lot of romance. Watch the video for all the Orlando and Katy engagement details you'll ever need.

Image Source: Getty / Andreas Rentz
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