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Kim Kardashian's Interview With 60 Minutes 2016 Video

Kim Kardashian Said She Can Handle Her "Lack of Privacy" Just Days Before Her Robbery

After Kim Kardashian's traumatic robbery at gunpoint in Paris earlier this month, plenty of people attributed the incident to her seemingly nonstop use of social media and the way she regularly "flaunts her wealth." Although the exact details of how the thieves tracked her down are still unclear, the reality star's recent interview with 60 Minutes seems to foreshadow the downside of being so overexposed on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. "There are pitfalls — lack of privacy, loss of privacy — and that might not be for everyone," she told CBS News reporter Bill Whitaker while discussing the pros and cons of social media. When Bill asked her if it was worth it, she said that she "can handle it," adding, "I do believe that the pros in my situation and my lifestyle have been more beneficial than the negative things."

In the wake of Kim's robbery, filming for the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was put on hold indefinitely, and multiple family members have spoken out on her behalf. During a recent chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Khloé Kardashian said that her sister "is not doing that well" and that the family planned on "pulling back" when it comes to using social media in the future. Kim has yet to make a statement herself, but mum Kris Jenner told E! News that Kim's road to recovery is "a process" and that they're taking it "one day at a time."

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