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Kim Kardashian Mum-Shamed For Topless Photo Taken by North

Kim Kardashian Let Her Daughter Snap a Topless Photo, and Mums Aren't Too Happy About It

The latest victim of a celebrity mum-shaming controversy is none other than new mum of three Kim Kardashian for posting a shirtless photo on Instagram on Feb. 8 that showed her looking in the mirror with her bra undone. Although the mum has posted photos like this before, the post in question got more attention than usual for one reason: her 4-year-old daughter, North, was the photographer. She captioned the picture "📸 by North," and honestly, we saw the pitchforks coming from roughly 1,000 miles away.

While her diehard fans were quick to stand up for her, explaining that they also change in front of their daughters, there were a lot of users who jumped at the chance to drag her for her parenting decision.

Some of them took a sarcastic route, one writing, "First class mother!!!! NOT!!!!!," while many other users implied the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was setting a bad example for her daughter. "Would you say the same thing if her daughter was 12 or 13 and posting the same kinds of pictures because her mum did it?" one wrote, adding, "This is something she should keep private."

Do you think she crossed the line this time?

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