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Kim Kardashian on The Tonight Show October 2013

Kim's Sexy Selfie Was "a Big Middle Finger to the World"

At the tail end of what's been an undeniably crazy month, Kim Kardashian made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Wednesday night. She showed off her famous curves in a see-through, lace Dolce & Gabbana dress that exposed a black bra and hotpants, and, of course, she had that stunning 15-carat diamond engagement ring from Kanye West on display as well. While showing her bauble to the camera, Kim said, "I know [Kanye] has good taste, but this was more than anyone could have expected." She went on to reveal that the couple is "hoping for next Summer" to have their dream wedding, adding, "I think somewhere destination[al]. Someplace Parisian — maybe Italy. We haven't even talked about it."

In addition to her upcoming nuptials, Kim also opened up about her 4-month-old daughter, North West. She told the host that during her pregnancy, she suffered from preeclampsia, a medical condition that causes high blood pressure and protein levels in expectant mothers. The disorder is what led to Kim's early delivery and North's low birth weight. Kim went on to reveal that she's lost the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant and that she felt bullied by the press because of her weight — she told Leno that the speculation has caused her to live more of a private life, adding, "It really hurt my soul." Kim also talked about the sexy selfie that she recently shared on Instagram — flaunting her postbaby body in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit — and called the picture a "big middle finger to the world, on everyone who called me fat."

When it came to baby North, though, Kim couldn't help but gush, calling her "a perfect little angel." Kim went on to say, "She's the sweetest little girl. She never cries. I hope she grows up to be smart and opinionated like her dad."

Kim's Sexy Selfie Was "a Big Middle Finger to the World"  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity News
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