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Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 5 years
@ewe-r-stewpid It always amazes me how some people have opinions on things they nothing about ! Lol.. I can tell you one thing american fashion and French fashion totally different .. The French are usually bolder and way edgier than American fashion , now don't get me wrong love them both .. But bgive to the French when it comes to food and fashion they are pretty awesome .. So I get that not everyone gets it ! I'm pretty sure that before twilight at least 50%of Americans never heard of Balenciaga and at least 80%of twilight fans also had no idea about this French designer.. And here we have our expert fashionista .. Lol... Hilarious ! The funniest part of the comment "she look anorexic ??.Really?? The "your-stewpid
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
Snow White & the Huntsman Promos Begin, hence follow the stoned emo girl from Twilight to pointless events
ewe-r-stewpid ewe-r-stewpid 5 years
Those shoes make it look like her pants are too long and hanging over her feet. I like the reference to "high fashion" someone made below. You'd definitely have to be high to wear it. Although, it kinda looks like she was. The jacket is meh but it looks a lot better with it on than off.  Picture 13 I think made her look like a poster for anorexia.  THERE IS HELP OUT THERE. HAVE A CHEESEBURGER!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @Jen2382248 you make some valid points there.
1278368 1278368 5 years
I liked Kristen has attitude and wears very well. She's great, beautiful!
1278368 1278368 5 years
Very elegant, love it!
callingoutthecrazy callingoutthecrazy 5 years
She looks GORGEOUS!!!! I love that the outfit is different and high fashion. It was very probably picked out for her by the designers themselves because they know she can rock it!
ErinSydney ErinSydney 5 years
I like the top and and the jacket. I'm not sure about the leather pants though.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @lovelylu yes, of course she would be "required" to wear the line.  I personally don't like leather pants  on anyone, and I am one of those fans who is wondering wth KStew is doing in this big fashionista thing!
Jen2382248 Jen2382248 5 years
look, she's dressed for the occasion, which is PFW, front row at BAlenciaga, seated next to Anna Wintour. She isn't meant to show up in something safe  that can be easily copied at Forever 21. It's mean to be more left of center and not pieces most people would pair together automatically.  Paris, people. Balenciaga. Let's keep in mind the occasion as well as the fact she's being introduced as their new face and this outfit gives off a rocker chic vibe that's feminine yet edgey.
lovelylu lovelylu 5 years
 @Aitch3 Well, she's repping Balenciaga's fragrance, it would make sense she'd actually be personally attired by Balenciaga as well, right? She's not a fashion spokeswoman either, she's the face for their new fragrance. 
Guest44989 Guest44989 5 years
@T1000 For sure. Fug look on her.  
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
she will stay in Paris for five days.. I read interview
joAnnaSald36 joAnnaSald36 5 years
I want her outfit!!!!
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
 @Stewson I do0n't think you know kristen to say how comfortable or not she looks.. I think jacket is awsome on her
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
 @Aitch3 I disagreee completley.. she looks like she owns it
yellowColor yellowColor 5 years
She looks hot. I love the whole outfit. I want those shoes :)
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
Very Unattractive outfit.  Looking to see what else she wears.  I am not sure this Fashion spokesperson gig is something KS is entirely comfortable with anyway.
T1000 T1000 5 years
She should have kept them in the garment bag. That is one freakin ugly outfit.
Pursy Pursy 5 years
Those shoes-- I can't !
Stewson Stewson 5 years
I really do not like this ensemble. I like the pants but the shoes and shirt no. Not together at least. When she puts on the jacket she looks so uncomfortable. I like Kristen but this look is not one of my favs.
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