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crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
 @dandd did you look at photo! She is smiling.  She actually smiled quite a lot that evening.  
dandd dandd 5 years
she always looks as if she hates the world :), smile kristen, smile!
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
as someone noted - this is shot from above, giving the appearance of extremely short legs
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
 @jay2 Jay 2, probably some very expensive, well known stylist made her hair look they way it did.  Also her skirt, blazer and shoes were designed by Stella McCartney the sponsor of the event and the daughter of Paul McCartney.  Some folks have complained about the shoes, however I saw the runway photos of this outfit and the designer had the model wearing similar shoes.  So Kristen was probably just respecting the designer's design sensibilities.  Also Kristen make-up was perfect.  The eye make-up made her eyes really stand out and the red lips were perfect.
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
@jenwils you are so wrong there's nothing in the way she looks!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
crmomof2 you are right on the track!!!!! yes she is pretty !!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
BriaNNA you are stupid she is one of the pretttest actress on tv and movies!!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I totally agree with BriaNNA!!!!!!!!
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
come on e1 lay off Kristin she looks good no matter what!!!!  
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
 @Cedrica1988 The shoes were designed by Stella McCartney.  While I agree that a pair of boots or heels might have appealed to us more.  The designer had similar shoes with that outfit on the runway.  So Kristen was basically respecting the designer's wishes. I agree with you that her face is just stunning.  She looks beautiful.
Cedrica1988 Cedrica1988 5 years
the outfit is totally fine for the event k should of worn it with a pair of heels or boots would of been perfect but her face is kust stunning those eyes and that skin if that doen't make a beutiful woman thaen yall "beauty queens" that are critizing her face needs to show me a personal pic of you and let me be the judge
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
 @white rabbit The messy hairstyle was probably intentional. Some very expensive and respected hairstylist probably worked to make her hair look that way.
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 5 years
Not the most flattering outfit but ugly?C'mon.Her face is gorgeous.And messy hairstyle doesn't mean unwashed geez...
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
I saw several photos of Kristen and this was not the most flattering but she still looked pretty.
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
BriaNNA, I know that you meant to insult Kristen but you just insulted the Stella McCartney who designed the clothing that Kristen is wearing and the sponsor of the event that Kristen was attending. I saw the model on the runway and she was wearing similar shoes.   Quite frankly, Kristen, especially her make -up, looked very pretty.  I noticed that for the most part most of the people were not dressed up.  Gwyneth was wearing Jeans.
BriaNNa BriaNNa 5 years
she is just the ugliest thing ever! I cant believe people think she's beautiful..she has no style and she's not sexy.
crmomof2 crmomof2 5 years
For those of you that don't like Kristen outfit.  Please remember that she is attending an event at Stella McCartney's store.  The skirt, the blazer, and the shoes belong to McCartney's collection.  Her outfit was probably selected by the designer and Kristen probably agreed to wear in support of the McCartney's.  Her make up is beautiful.  I love the red lips.  Her eye makeup makes her green eyes stand out.
Haslinda2504767 Haslinda2504767 5 years
this is a bit of different look for her,,but she looks simple but so cute,,,i love it..!!
T1000 T1000 5 years
 @jenwils  I know. Can you believe she left the house looking like that?
jenwils jenwils 5 years
 @T1000  @aaaaaaadina  @jay2  agreed - she looks like she's gone through a wind tunnel
jenwils jenwils 5 years
She looks like sh*t.
babaloo babaloo 5 years
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I love these pics and I love her! I'm excited to see her in Snow White and the Huntsman!
Cedrica1988 Cedrica1988 5 years
T1000 T1000 5 years
 @aaaaaaadina  @jay2  It's perfect if you're going for the messy, dirty, uncombed look.
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