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Lady Gaga Talking About Her Music at the Golden Globes 2016

Lady Gaga Talks About Her New Album and Bringing Darkness Back Into Her Music

Lady Gaga snagged a Golden Globe best actress award on Sunday night, which she earned for her role as The Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel. We've already gone over her lovely acceptance speech and her sweet, after-the-fact message to fiancé Taylor Kinney, but we have new details from her interview backstage! While in the press room, Gaga revealed new details about her upcoming, unnamed fifth studio album. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

  • On returning to the darkness for AHS: "It was thrilling to return to it. It was catharsis, it was exhilarating, liberating. I would leave the set every day in tears, just so full of release, in a way. The Countess is evil, she's not a good-willed kind of person. But, what I do find in her, what I'm happy to say today, is after 100 years, she never gave up. No matter what she went through."
  • On bringing darkness back into her music: "For many people, darkness is just that. They see it as just a bleak, empty space that is totally vacant and void. But I think, for me darkness is an expression of art, you can create things that are so beautiful out of what makes you sad . . . You will fail in this business. The true test is if you can continue, and stand up. I learned that from her. And I suppose I will explore that, through my music. I love the art of darkness."
  • On releasing a new album this year: "You know, I am putting out an album this year. I won't tell you when!"
  • On whether her style evolution will translate into the new album: "That's a difficult thing to say, as I don't know that you yet know what I will look like for my next album, as I'm still creating all of those things. It's something that is a gradual change always with me. What was nice about playing The Countess is it reminded me that in my own life and in my music, I'm always — at times — playing a character, and I become them fully. And living inside of her was liberating, I'll tell you, because she doesn't give a sh*t about anything."
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