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Will Maisie Williams Be Sophie Turner's Bridesmaid?

Maisie Williams Will Be Sophie Turner's Bridesmaid, Because Starks Gotta Stick Together

Game of Thrones sisters Sansa and Arya Stark might not have the healthiest relationship in the show, but the women behind the roles — Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams — are thick as thieves IRL. After all, they've grown up together, both on screen and off! So it only makes sense that Sophie, who is engaged to marry musician Joe Jonas, would ask Maisie to stand by her side on the big day. In an interview with Radio Times about her upcoming film Early Man, Maisie revealed that she will indeed be a bridesmaid in her BFF's nuptials and that it's "kind of bizarre."

When asked about whether she was hoping to be a bridesmaid in Sophie's wedding, Maisie laughed and revealed, "I already got it!" When the big day will be, however, is still up in the air; Maisie says that Sophie is waiting until the final season of GOT is wrapped to begin planning.

Watch the full wedding conversation, then start imagining what Sophie's gown will look like. The Starks may not have the best luck with weddings, but we predict that Sophie and Maisie will have a grand ol' time!

Image Source: Getty / Amy E. Price
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