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Mary Berry Arrested at the Airport on Graham Norton Show

Mary Berry Was Once Arrested at the Airport, and the Reason Is Hilarious

Mary Berry has done a lot of things in her life, including writing over 70 books, cooking up a brand-new TV show, and generally being a baking goddess. But one of the things we didn't think we'd ever hear her say is that she's been arrested.

The ex-Great British Bake Off judge told Graham Norton the tale of her airport arrest, and we almost spat out our tea when she revealed why she was taken into custody. The 83-year-old confessed that she was "arrested 25 years ago" while travelling to the US for a cooking demonstration. As she is "very particular at getting things right" when it comes to baking, she had brought along all her measured ingredients and sorted them all into separate little plastic bags. You know, just in case their all-purpose flour "wasn't the same as our flour." The suspicious bags obviously caused alarm, as the sniffer dogs came straight for Mary, along with "uniformed people" to investigate the suspect bags.

The best part was her sweetly innocent response to the officers asking if she was going to make money from her little bags of white powder. She allegedly replied, "My fee has already been agreed." Oh, Mary, how we love you!

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