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Matthew Lewis Sees Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Matthew Lewis's Reaction to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Will Make You Tear Up

If you're excited to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, imagine what it must feel like to see it when you were a part of the actual movies. Emma Watson saw the show back in July, and now Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom) has punched his ticket. Of course, he even got to go backstage to meet the actors, and he left us with an incredibly poignant message.

"A giant congratulations and an even bigger thank you to these guys and the rest of the cast of #CursedChild," he captioned his Instagram photo. "To be in the movies was a dream come true but it became work and I forgot what it was to be a fan a long time ago. However, over the last two nights I was able to enjoy the world of Harry Potter once again. To lose myself in a story so rich and so powerful and, more importantly, that I had nothing to do with was truly magical. I felt like I was nine years old again, discovering it all for the first time and it is very, very special."

Well, now we have to see it!

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