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Matthew McConaughey Says Diane Lane Was His First Crush

Diane Lane "Can't Cope" With the Fact That She Was Matthew McConaughey's First Crush

Matthew McConaughey Says Diane Lane Was His First Crush

Does the mere thought of Matthew McConaughey make you feel all tingly inside? Same. He's one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs, but, apparently, before he bore that title, he was fawning over another famous figure: Diane Lane. The two, who costar in the new film Serenity, attended a New York screening for the movie on Wednesday where they talked about working together.

In an interview with ET, Matthew revealed that Diane was actually his first crush. "I had a crush on her since a film she was in — Lonesome Dove," the 49-year-old actor told the outlet, referring to the 1989 film. "That may have been almost preteens for me, so [now] I get to work with her. She looks about the same as she did back then. And she's one of our great actor-actresses that we have in show business, in the business of storytelling. It was a privilege I got to work with her."

And the best part is that he told Diane that little fun fact on the first day on set of Serenity. When asked about Matthew's remark in a separate interview with ET, Diane flashed a bright smile, saying, "I'm dying. I don't know what to say about that. I mean, I want to live up to that." She then added that she tried not to think about the flattering confession during filming. "I think I blocked it out," the 54-year-old actress said. "I don't think he lied. I think he did say that to me day one, and I just had, like, white out. I couldn't cope. I said, 'I'm gonna stay in character. Thank you for the compliment. I am dying. Love you too, babe.'"

Now we're totally supportive of Matthew's relationship with his wife of six years, Camila Alves, and we're all about Diane living her best life with her 25-year-old look-alike daughter, Eleanor, but we can't help but love this connection. It was probably a full-circle moment for Matthew that he'll never forget.

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