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Millie Bobby Brown Kissing Finn Wolfhard on Stranger Things

You Probably Missed This "Crazy" Thing About THAT Stranger Things Kiss

Minor (but really cute) spoilers for Stranger Things below!

Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Tonight Show for a quick chat with Jimmy Fallon on Halloween, and the 13-year-old actress couldn't resist dropping a few Stranger Things season two spoilers on the host, who, by some miracle, hasn't seen the new episodes yet. While she didn't blow the lid on Bob the Brain or the introduction of Eleven's "sister," Brown did bring up a very sweet moment that happens at the very end of the finale.

After spending the entire season apart, Eleven (Brown) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) finally get a moment together while attending the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball. They share a slow dance to "Every Breath You Take" and a pretty adorable kiss. Thankfully, the latter moment was much better for the two young stars this time around, especially since their first kiss in season one didn't go so well (Brown summed it up last year by saying "kissing sucks").

"This year, he wanted to let me know he was kissing me then [in the scene]," Brown told Fallon. "He was like, 'I'm comin' in,' like a ventriloquist! It was the craziest thing."

According to Brown, you can actually see Wolfhard subtly mumble, "I'm comin' in," in the final cut. Can you spot it?

Although we're firmly on board the Mike and Eleven ship (Meleven? Elike?), Brown is less convinced. "Now every time I listen to that song, I get goosebumps," Brown joked. "From disgust!"

Image Source: Netflix
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