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Naomi Campbell Shopping at Whole Foods Video

Watching Naomi Campbell Shop at Whole Foods Is Surprisingly Relatable and Highly Entertaining

Naomi Campbell recently made headlines when her impressive airport and in-flight routine went viral; the internet seemed especially transfixed by the insanely thorough way in which she cleans her first-class seat (and the surrounding area) to perfection. Germs? Naomi doesn't know her. On Thursday, the fashion icon followed up with a new episode of her YouTube series Being Naomi, and this time she's teaching us how to take over Whole Foods.

You might expect someone with Naomi's level of fame to send someone out to get her groceries, or at the very least turn the cereal aisle into a catwalk. But the truth is surprisingly relatable. For starters, Naomi admits that she finds food shopping "therapeutic" and prefers to pick out her own produce rather than ordering it online "in case they come bruised . . . I need to see it for my own eyes." (Same — this is just science). And while choosing said produce, Naomi also reveals that she's turned to sweets since she quit smoking but knows that "I need to eat more fruit, not candy." (As do I — who knew we had so much in common?).

Naomi then stocks up on fresh herbs and drops some details about her dietary changes: "As you get older, your system changes," the 49-year-old says. "I found out in January; no gluten, no wheat, no dairy . . . I'm like, 'What the f*ck am I gonna eat?' All my comfort food just went down the drain, and I'm sad." Oh, and in more relatable news: Naomi is a nighttime snacker with a house full of hot sauce and a penchant for "crappy TV." The normality!

"I find this part tedious," she says with a smile while loading up on nuts and raisins. She also picks up a bouquet of flowers "for the bathroom," and after snapping a quick selfie with a fan, the subject turns back to her ongoing struggle to eat more fruit (instead of sweets). "It's a bit too much," she says. "I don't drink. I gave up smoking. Who am I?!" You're an icon, Naomi. Champagne and cigarettes be damned.

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