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Neighbours Karl and Susan in Eastenders Anniversary Video

The Neighbours Cast Is as Excited About Eastenders as We Are

Who better to wish the cast of Eastenders a happy 30th anniversary than their Aussie contemporaries? The cast of Neighbours, led as always by the inimitable Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher (aka Susan and Karl) filmed a special video in honour of Eastenders' 30th year, and if you're a fan of either, you're going to love it. With nods to well-loved storylines from both soaps, we see Susan transported to East Erinsborough, where Paul Robinson is a Mitchell brother and the pub landlady seems eerily familiar . . .

The video came ahead of the the big reveal Eastenders fans had been waiting for since last year, when we finally discovered who killed Lucy Beale. It looks like Susan Kennedy was watching along with everyone else!

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