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Netflix The Keepers True Story

The Chilling True Story Behind Netflix's Latest True Crime Docuseries

In the wake of the wild success of Netflix's true crime docuseries Making a Murderer, there's another mystery for us to obsesses over. The month, Netflix announced a new enigmatic series that's all about the brutal murder of a nun named Sister Catherine. The latest original venture is called The Keepers, and this time around, we're delving into a controversy that could reveal a citywide corruption and cover-up. Before we see some of the most damning new evidence about the case, it's worth noting everything that's happened so far leading up to the series release. We've uncovered everything we could about the murder.

1. Sister Cathy Was Murdered Almost 50 Years Ago

In 1969, Catherine Cesnik was a 26-year-old nun who taught at a local high school in Baltimore. That November, she mysteriously vanished. She was last seen exiting her Baltimore home for a shopping run, and her beaten body was discovered two whole months later on a snow-covered embankment in the city.

The police reportedly conducted an exhaustive investigation. Their working theory was that Sister Catherine had been the victim of a robbery that turned violent. Over the course of the investigation, the police were unable to identify a single suspect. The case went cold and remained that way for decades.

In 2014, the Baltimore Sun reviewed the facts of the case. You can watch the full video here.

2. The Case Reignited, Nearly 25 Years Later

It wasn't until Spring 1994 that interest in the case suddenly reignited. A young woman came forward, stating that she had been assaulted by a priest when she was a student at Seton Keough High School. The woman mentioned Sister Catherine by name, saying she knew about the abuse. A new accusation emerged: that this priest had murdered Sister Catherine to keep his sexually abusive tendencies a secret.

3. Yet Again, the Investigation Yielded No Results

With new evidence and a prime suspect in their crosshairs, the police reopened Sister Catherine's murder case and conducted a new investigation. They allegedly interrogated the suspect in question, but he denied the whole thing. After another in-depth search that was said to have spanned multiple states, the police again hit a dead end, the priest was never charged, and the case again went cold.

4. The Church's Alleged Involvement in the Whole Ordeal

Here's where it gets weird: according to several officers on the Baltimore police force, the Catholic Church of Baltimore has privately contacted the police commissioner when the new facts emerged and the investigation was reopened. According to the police, the church had quietly but strongly urged them to discontinue the investigation. The church publicly denied this, and the claims could never be verified.

5. Here's Where Netflix Steps In

Now that the trailer for The Keepers has dropped, we know what we're in for. It seems that some former students of Sister Cathy's are the ones behind this new push to figure out the mystery. And what have they uncovered? Based on the trailer alone, they may have proof that over 100 victims were assaulted in the same way that young woman described in 1994. But that's not all. They may allege that this is about so much more than just a cover-up by the church. It could be a city-wide conspiracy, with local politicians, officials, and even business owners working to keep the scandal a secret.

Will the new series blow the lid off the conspiracy once and for all?

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