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Pete Davidson's Reaction to Ariana Grande's Music Video

Pete Davidson Was "Mesmerised" by Ariana Grande During Her Video Shoot, and Same

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Pete Davidson was Ariana Grande's biggest fan during the music video shoot for her hit song "God Is a Woman." Well, to be exact, he was "mesmerised," and if we're being honest here, so were we. Ariana released her trippy, empowering feminist music video last week, causing fans to freak out and even experience a religious awakening. But the fan who freaked out the hardest — and possibly Ariana's most beloved fan — was her fiancé, Pete. The 25-year-old pop star shared a clip on Instagram of Pete's reaction to watching her record the music video (and what we're assuming was around the time she was singing naked in a pond of mixed purple paints), and it's so adorable.

"Omg now that the songs out I can show u this whole clip sjsksksjsjs 🌑 that face @petedavidson," she captioned the post above. Pete clearly was in awe of his talented girl and her creative capabilities, because we don't think he blinked for the entire video. It's not until the end when he takes a big gulp and laughs in amazement. The best part is that Pete commented on the Instagram post acknowledging his hilarious facial expressions. "Mesmerised. Couldn't even like believe what I was seeing," he wrote. Say what you want about Pete and Ariana's quick relationship, but it's clear these two are seriously in love. Watch the sweet clip above, and then check out all the meaningful references in the "God Is a Woman" video.

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