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Photos and Exclusive Interview With Davina McCall At the 2008 National Television Awards, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross at BBC

2008 NTAs: Davina Discusses Russell and Jonathan's Dilemma

Last night I attended the National Television Awards to get all the gossip from the myriad of TV stars that attended! It was a chilly night outside the Royal Albert Hall in London, and the ladies in their glam frocks were rushing down the red carpet to get in from the cold. One person who took her time though, was Davina McCall. She stopped to answer a few questions before the ceremony and talked acting, all things Big Brother, and the BBC controversy. Davina was animated, so friendly and enthusiastic when chatting to me last night, and her hubby Matthew was stood by her side watching proudly. Here's what she had to say:

  • On Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross: "Lets all just get over it. I haven't heard it myself, but I think a lot of people are passing judgment without having heard it, and I think it's important that we hear what they said and how it was meant before we complain. I think we've got a culture of complaining sometimes and... I've only read it. On paper it looks pretty bad. but a friend of mine who's heard it said 'you know they really didn't mean it that badly, please go and listen to it'. So I said OK, and I'll go and listen to it tonight. I'm not sure if the apology was quite heartfelt enough, but again I'm slightly inclined to forgive them — they're comedians — but I think they need to do a bit more of a heartfelt apology and then I'm over it. We still want them around! Personally, I'm not that keen on comedy at somebody else's expense, but they are funny, those guys, and you can't deny that."
  • On E4 series Dead Set: "If I had a list of ten things to do before I die, being a zombie would be on there."
  • On acting: "Obviously I don't act, and I was [doing this scene where I was] falling and I thought 'there's nothing I can do about it, I'm falling this way I can't stop myself' so I just did it. Jaime Winstone said 'I'd copy that.'" Beams cheerfully "Yeah thanks, that's me, I'm an actor."

To read Davina's thoughts on Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, and who she wants to go into the house, just read more.

  • On the upcoming return of Celebrity Big Brother "I'm so happy it's back and I think it was right to rest it and you know, it was the right thing to do, but now it's back and we're so excited."
  • Who she wants to see in it: "Britney, Paris Hilton, anybody that's going to be interesting and entertaining to watch. I'd love some old hip hop star like Flavor Flav or Chuck D, someone renegade, do you know what I mean?!"
  • Her Christmas plans: "We're going to Matthew's mum and dad in America, with all my kids and the cousins."
  • On the sticking power of Big Brother: "I think it could just go on and on. I'm not [going to leave]. I just want to see brilliant entertaining people that are layered, you know, you pull back the layers and they're more interesting and more interesting, and you're still getting great conversations right at the end of the series. So, I loved it this year!"

Thank you Davina! Stand by for more goss from the 2008 NTAs as the day goes on!


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