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Photos of Jack Tweed, Whose Tag Will Be Removed, Visiting Jade Goody Who Received Messages of Support From Wendy Richard

Jade Had Well Wishes From Wendy, Will Have Jack With Her

Jade Goody will have her husband Jack Tweed at her side when she dies, regardless of the time of day. Although Jack's plea to probation officials for his curfew to be suspended with immediate effect has been turned down, an official from the Justice Ministry has confirmed that, as a reward for behaving at their wedding, Jack's tag will be removed when Jade is dying so he can be by her side. The official told The Sun:

"He did not abuse the relaxation of the tagging and the curfew. This contrasts with Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who was let out on a tag and then behaved so badly he ended up back inside... There is no question of removing the tag indefinitely now and dropping the curfew conditions. But we are planning for the eventuality of Jade’s death. When we have medical evidence this is imminent the tag will be removed — but only for a very limited period."

Hopefully Jade will be comforted by this. She also received support from the late Wendy Richard, who phoned Jade to wish her luck and congratulate her on her wedding.

To find out what Wendy said to Jade, just read more.

Max Clifford told The Mirror:

"Wendy was extremely kind. She knew exactly what Jade was going through and went out of her way to get in touch when her cancer was diagnosed. She said: 'Stay strong, I’m thinking of you, we’re in the same boat'. Wendy encouraged Jade not to give up. Jade told me she was supportive and lovely."

Both Wendy and Jade have shown tremendous courage and wonderful solidarity.






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