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Photos of Jordan aka Katie Price Who Has Spoken About The Divorce in OK Magazine

Katie Speaks Out Over Split, Throws Out Peter's Belongings

We've read what Peter Andre thinks about the break up in his New! column, and now Katie Price has had her say in her OK! column. She reiterates Pete's assertion that it is not a publicity stunt and says: "I've had the worst week of my life. I am fine, but I am really devastated by what has happened". Kate adds:

"I don't want us to split up. I love my husband, but I can't sit around crying. This is a new story and a new chapter in my life... Pete can't blame this on me drinking. I hardly ever go out. Over the five years of our relationship I have probably been out 20 times, which is unusual for a woman of 30. I'm not a party girl and I don't drink at home so when I go out I can get drunk quickly."

Kate's continued to communicate via Twitter as well, hitting out at the press by tweeting: "Please dont believe everything you read in the press theres lots of newespapers an mags ill be sueing when im back". She then added the assertion: "nobody knows anything but us".

Despite her plan to keep a dignified silence, rumours about Kate's actions continue to fill the papers. According to The Sun, Kate phoned housekeepers at the couple's Surrey home and insisted they remove all of Pete's belongings before she returns to the UK this week.

To find out what Mel B has said about their separation, just read more.

Mel B has apparently urged Peter to get back with Kate saying:

"Pete’s a great guy – it’s a really sad situation. Pete and Katie are really popular in LA, and so I hope they get back together – especially as there are kids involved. We have all made mistakes. I know my husband Stephen has done some crazy things in the past but I love him like mad, and he loves me. Pete should give Katie a second chance. Everyone deserves one. From what I know, they are madly in love – and love conquers all."

Do you agree with Mel?

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