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Photos of Tina Malone Who Was the Second Housemate to Be Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother and Mutya Buena Who Walked

Celebrity Big Brother: Tina Is Evicted, Mutya Walks

In the battle of the women, Tina Malone has become the second housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. The actress received 38.8% of the public vote, after being nominated by Verne, Michelle and Ben. She left the house to a lot of boos, but she happily chatted with Davina about arguing with Coolio, being the "toned down" version of herself, and getting close to Mutya. Speaking of Mutya, the singer decided enough was enough last night and left the house. She told Big Brother:

"I feel happy cos I'm going home and seeing my daughter and am going to have a decent night's sleep. I don't want anyone to think I haven't enjoyed myself. I've had an amazing experience. But it's just the contact, of not being around people that I love. I miss my daughter dearly... I've had my cries. I've missed my mum and my family. But tonight I feel comfortable to go home now... It's been an amazing experience. I'm never gonna forget this. I've made some great friends. And you've made me feel that not having things, that I have all the time, isn't important. And what's important is to have my friends, my family, my daughter with me."

So there's just one week left until we crown our winner next Friday. With plans for more evictions on Monday and Wednesday, they'll be dropping like flies until one celeb is left standing. Who will it be? You decide!

Image Source: Channel 4
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