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Photos Of Twilight Eclipse Star Kristen Stewart From The Cover And Inside Dazed And Confused Magazine Plus Interview Excerpts

Creative Kristen Stewart Swears She's Dazed and Confused

Kristen Stewart is busy filming the new Twilight movie Eclipse in Vancouver at the moment — and getting cosy with her apparently single costar Robert Pattinson — and she's also featured on the front cover of September's Dazed and Confused magazine. Kristen answered some questions about her newfound stardom and its intensity, the other roles she's taken on (including Joan Jett) and her creative aspirations for the future. Here are some excerpts from her interview:

  • On becoming a huge star: Yeah, but you can’t think about it too much because if you think about it too much it is this weird and dreamy fantasy land, you think – what the hell absurd thing are we doing at 3 o’clock in the morning, with 300 people, pretending to be other people, what the f*ck are we doing?
  • On the paparazzi: [It's] since Twilight. That’s the only reason they’re out there. They find out where I am from the Internet — from Twitter, man! Anyone who wants to know where I am at any given time just has to go on Twitter, it’s so ridiculous!
  • On playing Joan Jett: It’s so much fun. She’s the ultimate badass. She was the first woman to start her own record label. Everybody threw her out after the Runaways and was like, ‘Sorry girl, your shticks over’, she was like "No, the message stays the same people still want to hear it." Who the f*ck did that before her? The music industry is brutal. Once there’s one wave, one explosion of a type of music, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tries to emulate that, so there’s a bunch of sh*tty versions of other bands. So there’s like sh*tty versions of everybody!

To read more from Kristen's interview on her roles and future aspirations, as well as finding out which movie she had her greatest experience working on, just read more.

  • On enjoying the role of Joan Jett: Yeah, it’s been awesome working on this. I’ve gotten to do a lot of great roles recently. I just made a film in New Orleans- and its going to sound funny because I play a 16 year old street kid prostitute stripper – but it’s the one film so far I mostly identify with. I play such a child, like she has the emotional stability of a 5 year old; she’s in her own little world that she had to close off at a certain point. She’s at that point where she’s not quite over the edge like a lot of those people, and I met a lot of them in New Orleans, talking to people who had done the job for so long. They’re gone. Like I hate to say that, there is a part of them that is dead inside and it is so sad they can still live a happy life or whatever, but that part is. So she’s not dead, she’s still whole. She’s just really broken and she needs to be put back together, and she needs this guy. It was the greatest experience on a movie I have ever had. Everyone was tight and it was the greatest crew, Jake Scott, the director, is Ridley Scott’s son.
  • On her aspirations: I know that will just naturally become other things, other than just acting in movies. I don’t know what the f*ck I’m going to do. I write sh*t or whatever. I am going to make my own movies with my friends, absolutely, and I might not only act in them. But really? I love this, I love what I do, I am definitely going to keep doing it if I feel this way about it. That could stop, but until then, I’m just going to just write, make movies, play music.

The full interview is in the September issue of Dazed and Confused magazine — out now!

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