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Pictures of Carey Mulligan on January 2011 Cover of UK Elle Magazine

Carey Mulligan Tells Elle She Believes in Love At First Sight and Hates Her Signature Hair

Carey Mulligan spoke exclusively to Elle magazine, and looks chic as ever on the January issue's cover. Take a look behind the scenes at her shoot! She maintains that she believes in love at first sight, hates her distinctive short hair, and reveals that her BAFTA award is "under a pile of jumpers in a cupboard", and speaks a little about Never Let Me Go, which is released on Feb. 11. Here are some excerpts from her interview in which she talks about her ex Shia LaBeouf, her image, and Hollywood:

  • On her hair: "I hate my hair. After An Education, I had a small part in Michael Mann’s film Public Enemies, and he wanted me to dye it white blonde and it wrecked my hair. Literally, ruined it. It was falling apart, fried. So I had to cut it off. I cried."
  • On looking glam: "I’m not trying to sell myself as a visual. I’m selling my willingness to play a part really well. If your body doesn’t look normal, how can you convey normal people, how can you be relatable?"
  • On the pains of losing weight for a part: "Weetabix for breakfast, soup for lunch and salad for dinner. 'No, I will not have that glass of wine! Put that pizza away!’ It was not fun. I look back and it’s really, really not worth depriving yourself. I was very thin at the beginning of An Education and I remember the scene where I’m dancing and you can see my spine. Yuck. I would never want to be so thin that someone would think it was a good idea to be thin, and make themselves miserable. I know this sounds w***y, but I would never want to set a bad example, basically."
  • On Shia LaBeouf: "I always wanted to work with him, above and beyond anything else, because I thought he was so amazing in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. . . I don’t want to meet all these amazing people, that’s not the thrill – I want to work with them."

To read her thoughts on sexiness, Botox, Warren Beatty and her competitive streak, just read more.

  • On her image: "I’ve never felt like a sexy person… I’ve always felt like a sensible person. I’ve always felt absurd wearing anything revealing. I’ve always felt different here [in Hollywood]. I remember going up for auditions, walking into rooms of girls in denim minis, with cut-off tank tops, tanned legs, long hair and manicures, thinking, 'Erm…'. But it never made me feel bad. I’ve never felt pressure to look like that."
  • On Botox and medical advice "I said, 'I have some lines here under my eye and they’re annoying, what can you do?' He looked at my face and said, “We’ll just drop some Botox in here, and here…' I said, 'What the f***? I’m only 25; are you joking?' So I can’t move my face? Isn’t that, well, the antithesis of what I’m trying to do as an actress? Only in LA would someone try and give you Botox when you’re 25 years old."
  • On spending the day with Warren Beatty: "Walking along the beach at Malibu, with him telling me crazy stories about Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood. Once you meet him your entire day is Warren. The first time we met I was really nervous, but we hung out for seven hours. He’s fascinating. He’s been part of this world since before it was celebrity obsessed, since “famous” had a different meaning. . . It’s very equal. He doesn’t treat me like a young person."
  • On her competitive streak: "I’ll be in agony when I watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo… I auditioned for it, but I didn’t get the part."

You can read the rest of Carey's interview in Elle magazine's January issue, out now!

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