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Pictures of Rihanna in December 2010 Marie Claire UK Magazine

Rihanna Talks Candidly About Life Changes & Her Duet With Eminem In Marie Claire

Rihanna's the red haired coverstar of Marie Claire's December issue, and talks exclusively to the magazine alongside a gorgeous photoshoot. She got emotional during her interview, in which she spoke about how she's changed, and how she relates to the duet she recorded with Eminem. Here are some extracts from her interview:

  • On if she's a different person now: "Yes, I was very lost. I have to say I felt really confused. It was really strange because... Aaagh...I hate talking about it but it was really crazy because I felt so out of touch with myself and when that happens...It’s scary because nothing you say or do feels like it’s you. You just lose touch of everything that you love and everything that you would normally do; how you would dress or how you would say something... It just feels like it’s not coming from you. It’s just this one empty vase. I felt like an empty vessel... [crying] I’m just… I feel like... I smile for real this time."
  • On her duet with Eminem: "He confronted himself on it. He basically gives insight into what goes on in the mind of a couple in a domestically violent relationship. I love that in every verse it just gets to that point where she wants to leave, she wants to leave, she leaves, she leaves, she leaves... but then the hook always comes back and it’s like, 'I love it. I love it.' That’s not what you think when it’s happening. You know you don’t like it but you’re staying, so it’s almost like you must love it because you’re not leaving."
  • On if she related to that on a personal level: "Absolutely. Absolutely! Every word in that song is true. It would take somebody who’s been on the inside to understand how magical those lyrics are. Everybody loves the song but the lyrics can never hit home until you’ve seen it, witnessed it, in your home or experienced it yourself."

You can read the full interview in the December issue of Marie Claire magazine!

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