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Pop Poll on Celebrities Writing Children's Books as Geri Halliwell Launces Ugenia Lavender

Celebrities Writing Children's Books: Love It or Leave It?

Geri Halliwell celebrated the publication of her new children's book Ugenia Lavender with a children's tea party at London Zoo yesterday, teaming those white stilettos she loves with a suitably childlike bow in her hair. This cute outfit is from the High Street (hurrah!): visit our girl Fab UK to get the look. We saw Jordan/Katie Price dress up as a mermaid at the recent launch of her latest book for kiddies, and Madonna went floral at the tea party launch of The English Roses back in 2003. Sartorial choices aside, I want to know what you think of the fashion for celebrities to write (or not write, as the case may be) children's books: do you love it, or would you rather leave it?


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