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Pop Poll on the New Series of My Name is Earl, House and Grey's Anatomy, which Air on Thursday 20 March 2008

Which US Show Are You Most Looking Forward To Tonight?

Fans of US imports rejoice — new series of three US TV shows are starting on terrestrial telly tonight. Tune in to Five at 9pm for Series 4 of House, then at 10pm stick with Five for Series 3 of Grey's Anatomy (which has already been shown on Living), or switch to Channel 4 for Series 3 of My Name is Earl. The choice is yours and we want to know: which of these new series are you most looking forward to?

Once you've voted in our poll you can get yourself in the mood for House by taking our girl Buzz's quiz: How Well Do You Remember "House" Season 3?

, Fox and ABC

Image Source: Channel 4
Image Source: Channel 4
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