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Pop Poll On The Secret Diary of Abigail Titmuss

Will You Read Abi Titmuss's Book?

Abi Titmuss — who has reportedly been cast as a nun in Hotel Babylon! — was signing copies of her book in London yesterday, further cementing the celebrity status she gained by dating John Leslie. With John recently cleared of another rape allegation, Abi has spoken out about her experiences, saying "I’m proud I stood by John, but to go through hell like that because of something that horrendous and to become famous because of it does not help you sleep at night". I have to admit I'm quite intrigued about The Secret Diary of Abigail Titmuss, which promises to be "fabulously racy, scorchingly honest and always just a little bit tongue in-cheek". Tell me: will you be reading Abi's autobiography? Even just out of morbid curiosity?


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