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Pop Poll On Whether You're Watching Big Brother 9 And Loving It Or Not

Pop Poll: Big Brother 9 – Love it or Leave it?

OK, so when I last polled you on Big Brother 9 you guys had decided you were so over it. And I have to admit I was feeling that too. But I gave the first few shows a chance and now I'm actually enjoying it!

The whole Mario/Stephanie/Lisa fake relationship thing has had me shouting at the TV (Stephanie is really annoying me), I am warming to Luke (although I could NOT live with him) and also to Kat who makes me giggle – how sweet was it when she couldn't find the bathroom?!

Anyway, so now you've all had a chance to watch it will you be watching the rest of the series? Any particular favourites? But most importantly do you love it, or are you still over it?

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