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Pop Poll: Who's Your Favourite Character In Gavin & Stacey?

Pop Poll: Who's Your Favourite Character In Gavin & Stacey?

Thanks to a very persistent boyfriend, I spent some of the past week catching up with BBC3 series Gavin & Stacey. And I'm so, so pleased he made me watch it with him because it's now one of my favourite programmes! Written by James Corden and Ruth Jones (who also play Smithy and Nessa), it's a sweet, funny show about the difficulties Gavin (an Essex boy) and Stacey (a Welsh girl) share when they decide they want to take their phone flirtation and make it a full-blown relationship.

Now the couple are both so sweet-natured and lovely that few relationship troubles stem from the two of them, but their eccentric families and friends (including the hilarious Rob Brydon) push them to their limits in very amusing ways.

Do you watch the show? If so, vote for your favourite character below. If not, I highly recommend you catch up, Amazon currently has the first series for £7.98! Series two is airing on BBC3 on Sunday evenings, but there are various repeats during the week (including tonight at 10pm). NBC also recently bought the rights to develop a US version.

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