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Pop Recommendation: Horton Hears A Who

It's the long Easter weekend, and judging by the traffic jams yesterday most of you are driving back to see your families. I guess some of you will be looking for a fun family outing, so I've got a suggestion for you – go and see Dr Seuss tale, Horton Hears A Who.

It rightfully topped the US box office, had the biggest movie opening of 2008 and entertained kids and adults alike. So now it's time for Steve Carell, Jim Carrey (who is very un-Carrey in this movie, I forgot it was him several times) and Seth Rogen to bring the fun over to our shores. And they really do.

I have an exclusive clip for you guys featuring Steve Carell as the Mayor and Amy Poehler as his wife Sally O'Malley, so for that, the premise, and my thoughts on the film – just read more

Here's the basic premise: An elephant named Horton spots a little speck on a flower one day. He hears noises coming from the speck and begins communicating with the Mayor of Whoville, who, along with the other Whos, has lived his entire life unaware that their universe was nothing more than a precarious resting spot on a flower. Horton wants to get the Whos to a safe place, but the jungle's bossy kangaroo doesn't believe Horton (and certainly doesn't want all the other jungle creatures imagining there are worlds on their flowers, too) and tries to thwart his mission. Meanwhile, the Mayor has some doubters of his own who want to make a fool of him for suggesting their universe is merely a speck. Here's a clip:

Horton manages to appeal to the whole family, from your littlest ones to the world-weariest of adults who'll get a kick out of Seth Rogen as a blue mouse named Morton. It's a sweet story, and manages not to ebb too far into saccharine territory before bringing it back with the soothing voice of the narrator rhyming in Seuss-speak. The movie is also visually magnificent – especially Whoville, with all its quirks and fun. So go see it! And if you already have, let me know what you thought!

Image Source: 20th Century Fox
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