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Pop Reports on Kelly Clarkson concert at Brighton Centre on Monday 31 March 2008

Pop Reports: Kelly Clarkson at the Brighton Centre

I saw Kelly Clarkson at the Brighton Centre last night and she was a-maz-ing! Her voice is so incredible, really strong and clear and not one bum note throughout the entire performance. And it wasn't just Kelly's voice that was on form — she interacted with the audience and was very endearing, joking around and giving us lots of info about the songs.

We found out "Addicted" is Kelly's favourite song from Breakaway, and the beautiful "Be Still" is her Mum's favourite. Highlights of the evening were "Up to the Mountain" (surely the best performance on last year's Idol Gives Back) and Kelly's own all-time favourite "Beautiful Disaster", which she sang with the acoustic songs in the middle of her set.

As you can probably tell I'm a sucker for a ballad, but I enjoyed it when she rocked out to the faster tunes. "Since U Been Gone" and "Miss Independent" got the crowd jumping and Kelly looked like she was having a whale of a time dancing around.

Brighton's a diverse city and this was reflected in the audience, which consisted of all ages, genders and sexualities. Kelly clearly has a wide appeal and she created a great atmosphere for us to enjoy (and you love her too!). If you get the chance to see her perform live I can thoroughly recommend it. Thanks for a great night Kelly!


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