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Pop Watch 24 Day 7 Recap Episode Seven "2pm-3pm" Which Aired on Sky1 at 9pm on Mon 9 Feb 2008

24 Recap Quiz: Episode Seven, "2pm-3pm"

In last night's installment of 24 Day 7, Jack and the gang track the Motobos to Dubaku's hiding place. While they manage to rescue the Prime Minister and his wife, Dubaku escapes and destroys the CIP module, having cut short his attack on an Ohio chemical plant. Meanwhile, Henry Taylor wakes up from one near-miss but heads straight in to another bad situation, and the President herself is still being confronted with all kinds of issues. Check how well you were paying attention to yesterday's episode by taking the latest of my recap quizzes.

24 Recap Quiz: Episode Seven, "2pm-3pm"

What is the name of the chemical plant Dubaku targets?

Image Source: Sky
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