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Pop Watch 24 Day 7 Recap Episodes One and Two "8am-9am" and "9am-10am" Which Aired on Sky1 at 9pm on Mon 12 Jan 2008

24 Recap Quiz: Episodes One-Two, "8am-9am" & "9am-10am"

Wow, what an awesome start to 24 Day 7! Sky One treated us to the first and second episodes back-to-back last night, and I am totally hooked. The big excitement is that Tony Almeida is back from the dead and a bad guy. CTU's disbanded so we're now in the world of the FBI in DC; there's a female President, who's trying to deal with General Juma's genocide in Sangala, Africa; and Tony is involved in a terrorist plot to infiltrate Homeland's firewall and take control of the power grid, skies and water supply. Take my recap quiz to test how well you were paying attention. Enjoy!

24 Recap Quiz: Episodes One-Two, "8am-9am" & "9am-10am"

What is Jack questioned about during his trial at the Senate hearing?

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