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Pop Watch 24 Day 7 Recap Episodes Three and Four "10am-11am" and "11am-12pm" Which Aired on Sky1 at 9pm on Mon 19 Jan 2008

24 Recap Quiz: Ep. Three-Four, "10-11am" & "11am-12pm"

After the exciting opening episodes last week, 24 Day 7 continued at breakneck pace with the third and fourth installments last night. Revelations came thick and fast, with Tony Almeida turning out to be a good guy working with Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian, and Samantha telling President Taylor's husband Henry that his son was in fact murdered. Take my recap quiz to test how well you were paying attention. Enjoy!

24 Recap Quiz: Ep. Three-Four, "10-11am" & "11am-12pm"

What is Colonel Dubaku's nickname?

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