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Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Season 1, Episode 10 "The Nutcracker"

Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Ep 10 "The Nutcracker"

Last night's episode of Dirty Sexy Money was also the season finale – the reason for the incredibly short season is the writers' strike, but the show will be back on US TV in the autumn. A whole load of things happened in the final episode so lets get started!

  • So Jeremy was still keeping up the "I'm a tortured artist" thing with Sofia, and Lisa was getting deeper into the whole Darling family net by helping him out. I guess those puppy dog eyes will convince almost anyone to do anything...
  • On a trivia note: Did you know Seth Gabel, who plays Jeremy, is married to actress Bryce Dallas Howard? They have a son named Theodore.
  • Carmelita was feeling antsy, thinking she was being followed and that someone had been in her apartment. Which caused Clark to place a video camera in a plant in her apartment and keep up some surveillance. Is there anything Clark can't do?

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  • Simon told Nick that he was with Karen, and Nick's reaction added fuel to my thoughts that he still has feelings for her. There's a lot going on behind those eyes of his.
  • You know you must be ridiculously rich when you have an annual Nutcracker evening like the Darlings. How amazing was that?
  • Brian’s un-churchlike activities finally caught up with him career-wise and he was suspended for six months... “What’s next? Leprosy?” That made me giggle.
  • Nick was still being honest with Tripp and sorted out the documents that Simon was requesting. Is Simon still testing Nick? And who was Tripp talking to on the phone?
  • We got a little more Juliet this episode, who apparently took Karen’s honeymoon. And flew over a guy from the Seychelles who she's decided will be her first.
  • I loved all the scenes with Lisa and Jeremy this episode, especially the one relating to the big sponge – “What do you clean with it? Big art?” I'm with Jeremy on the whole not entirely understanding modern art thing...
  • Simon took Karen to meet his ex-wife – a Princess from Ghana. Wow, uncomfortable... Is Simon testing Karen too? Perhaps he's on to her...
  • Meanwhile Jeremy and Lisa got stoned in the gallery – Lisa advocated telling the truth to Sofia and confessed she's losing Nick. She finally let it all out. Poor Lisa. In a moment of stoned sensitivity/madness Jeremy kissed Lisa, and I loved how it was completely underplayed. It might pop up next season though?
  • I kind of second Kiki's sentiment when she saw the house all decked out for The Nutcracker: “I have to marry into this family.” But then... they're also insane.
  • The big sponge ended up reeking of the pot Jeremy and Lisa smoked, so it didn’t sell. Oh, and Lisa got fired. No worries though, Nick suggested Lisa could have another baby!
  • My favourite line: “They managed to allude the ficus” – Clark after Carmelita went missing from her apartment.
  • How strange was it to see Brian in a suit?
  • Jeremy told Sofia the truth, and his excuse for lying was that he's "suffered too much at the hands of these love pirates.” Love pirates. Genius. Sadly, Sofia was not impressed, and left him.
  • Simon agreed to let Karen go, after Nick gets angry at him. But the final reveal was that Karen is working with Tripp to get info about Simon Elder! She's been scheming it up real nice – first with her Mum about getting Nick, and now with Tripp about getting into Simon's affairs. Interesting...

Wow. I can't wait to hear what you thought of that one, let me know in the comments! I can't believe we have to wait months and months for more...

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