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Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Season 1, Episode 7 "The Country House"

Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Ep 7 "The Country House"

It was Thanksgiving on last night's Dirty Sexy Money and Nick was full of hope he'd have the full five day holiday away from the Darlings... Yeah right. I hope the temporary 8pm timeslot didn’t catch you out as it was a fab and fun-packed episode as usual! Here's my thoughts:

  • Tripp was still seething about Patrick being taken away by Simon Elder, so he asked Nick to arrange a sit-down with them both. And it turned out he has a twist-packed motive.
  • Karen’s moved on from her almost-marriage. With Giorgio – I loved how Jeremy was impressed that he’s "always there for her" post-divorce.The siblings' high-five made me giggle.
  • Poor Brian missed Brian Jr, but Karen was full of her own brand of comforting logic, saying "You know how the justice system works: whoever has the most money wins."

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  • Patrick and Ellen's relationship was strained to say the least. Their meeting with Carmelita made me so uncomfortable, as they negotiated terms for time to spend with Pat. What a difficult situation.
  • Brian needed to just chill out, saying “Beat it you prissy little creep” to the opposing lawyer. Then the whole Gustav story came out. And then he tried to bribe his way to custody. Oh Brian... maybe they should just lock him in a room until it's all over? Just leave it to Nick!

  • Meanwhile Jeremy got a date with Sofia, using the last name Babeson. I loved Jeremy and Clark’s conversation – J: “Where do people like you go out? You know, poor people. Where do poor people go out?” He also thought Clark's silent movie moustache seemed pretty poverty-related. Clark's response? “Yes that’s right Jeremy, I can’t actually afford a beard.” Ha! I love Clark (aka Daddy Babeson... eek!)
  • Karen zoned in on Simon at the country house dinner – she’s man obsessed. Could things heat up there do you think? (Well the teaser for next week's episode shouts a resounding YES!) Perhaps it would put a halt to Operation Nick, but it would hurt Tripp to lose two children to Simon.
  • Simon insisted everything between him and Patrick was business, but Tripp believes it’s personal as Simon’s family have a history with the Darlings. Everything got a little complicated – Simon's parents used to work for the Darlings – now I’m even more intrigued. What is Simon’s agenda?
  • You just knew something was going to happen with those guns the minute they came out, right? Yes, Patrick was on the receiving end of a bullet after sneaking out to see Carmelita. I can kind of see where Ellen’s coming from. It was well covered up by Nick too, he’s a genius media handler.
  • Karen and Letitia were still scheming about Nick. It's so bad, but I do love Karen. She makes me laugh. Letitia spilled to Lisa that Karen kissed Nick after her divorce, and Operation Nick got a major boost. Lisa stormed out to her parents’ house. Just another relationship that’s under a lot of strain.
  • Speaking of Lisa – will she ever get her own storyline? It might make me like her more...
  • How long do you think it’ll be until Sofia finds out Jeremy’s a Darling? This can’t last too long, can it?
  • Could Simon have had the motive to kill Nick’s Dad then? He demolished Darling Plaza and a whole lot of Darling history. So sad.

Yeah, a lot of questions to end on, but this series always asks more questions than it answers each week. But not in an occasionally-frustrating Lost way. So what did you think of this week's episode and revelations? As always I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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