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Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Season 1, Episode 8 "The Watch"

Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Ep 8 "The Watch"

We got another glimpse into the complicated world of those wealthy Darlings last night in Dirty Sexy Money, as well as some flashbacks that helped us to understand Dutch's relationship with Letitia and Nick. Here's some of my thoughts on last night's episode:

  • I thoroughly enjoy Brian and Nick’s banter. Brian’s so fuelled with rage all the
    time… it was so stupid of him to bribe his way to get custody.
  • So, Patrick was in hospital after Ellen shot him at the country house last episode, she's still as acerbic as ever:
    “You shot me in the leg.” “I was aiming for higher.”

  • And one of the biggest mysteries of the show so far was cleared up. The answer to why Brian is treated differently to Patrick and Karen? Why does Letitia make that distinction?

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  • So, Brian is Nick’s brother!! Did any of you call it? I mean, it makes sense – if any of them it totally had to be Brian. Mainly because the two of them despise each other in an incredibly entertaining style. So glad it’s not Karen. Ick... although I guess Letitia wouldn’t have been behind the ‘nabbing Nick’ plan if they were siblings.
  • The first flashback was of Dutch and Letitia, and I was struck by how different she was with him – so free, and way more relaxed. But how could you cheat on Donald Sutherland?! We also got a little more insight into Nick and Dutch’s relationship, and Dutch’s regret about not being there for him. Sad.
  • Loved that Lisa got a little more play in this episode – it’s about time that I get my chance to actually make up my mind about her. And the last person I expected to see her bonding with was Jeremy, but if anyone's going to completely endear me to someone it's him.
    “Jeremy, we’re not poor.”
    “Those ants look pretty low budge’…”
    “Those ants cost 12,000 bucks.”
    “Proving my point.”

    Different. World.

  • Karen’s inappropriate “death-themed” gabble in front of Simon made me giggle, she totally scored there!
  • Juliet was back for literally a second, it was nice to see her.
  • Jeremy’s version of poor was basically a sixteen year old boys room. Weirdly, Sofia wasn’t into that. Sharing his “going into space” dream didn’t really help. He’s so clueless and hyper like a puppy dog, but I love him.
  • So Lisa's now Jeremy’s mentor, trying to help him out of his mess of lies. His latest: He’s an artist. “You are not a struggling artist” “Sure I am, I’m an artist of life!” Oh dear.
  • Simon’s getting his claws in everywhere and I still can’t work out if he’s entirely evil or not. So hard to tell! He has Patrick, and he’s getting to Karen... but I don't take her for a complete fool, no matter how she seems sometimes.
  • Brian started rethinking his life when he found out he wasn't Tripp's son, attributing all the alienation he’s ever felt to this turn of events. How do you come to terms with something like that?
  • You just knew Sofia was going to want Jeremy to paint her, right? And Jeremy’s obviously no Jack Dawson from Titanic. This will not end well.
  • The breakdown of Nick and Dutch’s relationship in that final flashback broke my heart. You never think that’s the last time you’re going to see a person.
  • Final heartbreak? Brian Jr in the back of the cab after Brian Snr gave him Dutch's watch. Such a cute little boy.

So are you still loving this bizarre family? Who's your favourite? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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