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Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Series 1, Episode 7 "The Wedding"

Pop Watch: Dirty Sexy Money, Ep 7 "The Wedding"

It was the big wedding episode of Dirty Sexy Money last night, finally Karen and Freddy were getting married. Or were they? Well, yes. They were. But there were other mysterious and odd things afoot with the Darling family, so check out my thoughts on last night's episode below:

  • Karen’s initial cold feet were pretty predictable, although I was intrigued by Nick’s pause when Letitia asked Nick to tell Karen there was no possibility of them getting together in the future. Nick, you're married to a lovely woman! You have a child!
  • Oh, drunk Tripp. How I enjoyed that. Donald Sutherland played it so well. Tripp has a ritual for Karen's (many) weddings where he opens a bottle of tequila first thing in the morning, and by the time they go to bed it has to be bone dry. Karen: “Daddy, you’re so wasted…”
  • Nick was trying to sell the wedding photos to the press, Karen valued them at $2million, but sadly the press only valued them at $300,000. Ouch.

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  • Brian Jr’s Mum came back from Brazil. And ended up in bed with Brian. Oh dear... The whole thing ended with her wanting to take their son away to Brazil.
  • Tripp said it best when he said there was a kind person somewhere deep down inside Brian… deep down.
  • Pat’s wife found out about Carmelita from someone in Simon's camp – he’s a manipulating fellow. Patrick confessed everything to Ellen, saying he loves them both. Her response? They’re all going to have to sit down together and talk – she took it pretty well (for now). But I smell trouble, especially seeing as Pat and Ellen are moving into one of Simon's buildings...
  • I’m surprised Karen actually got through the wedding ceremony. The bit that caught her off guard was the fact that Freddy confessed he was now actually in love with her. Real feelings became involved and it scared Karen. Nick sorted out the super-quick annulment, luckily there was a judge at the ceremony who could sign off on it. I'm not sorry to see Freddy go...
  • Karen kissed Nick after her wedding, and said she thinks they belong together. And then Letitia offered to help Karen try and snare Nick! Eek!
  • Favourite moment of the episode: Tripp and chauffeur Clark laid out on the sofas, drunk out of their minds, and singing. So amusing.
  • Natalie tried to wangle her way back into Juliet’s life – using her new single. I scoffed, but in their world a single solves everything – Natalie and Juliet are friends again. Jeremy is not going to be happy.
  • Speaking of Jeremy – there really wasn't enough of him this episode.

OK, it is so on between Tripp and Simon after the whole Patrick thing! What did you think about Karen and Letitia's plan to snare Nick? Poor Lisa! I can't wait to see what happens next... but for now I want to hear what you thought of last night's episode. Leave your comments below!

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