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Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 11 "Roman Holiday"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Episode 11, "Roman Holiday"

So just as we're heading into the summer, of course it's Christmas time on Gossip Girl. A whole lot of the plot was utterly unrealistic, but hey, that's why we love it, right? However, we do not love a distinct lack of Chuck. Here are my thoughts:

  • Before we get started, check out FabUK's fashion quiz on the episode. Fun!
  • What's with the episodes with no Chuck at all? I guess his "presence" was there and we got the answer to where he went from the airport: Monaco. But – seriously – I want my Chuck Bass! I didn't miss Nate nearly as much.
  • Thankfully, Jenny wasn't in it much either. She is really annoying me now.
  • I thought the Blair/Dad/Dad's lover plot was sweet last night. But, since when has Mum Waldorf been a sympathetic character? I didn't think I would ever like the parents on this show but I have to admit I'm coming round to them all.

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  • Vanessa got Dan the best Christmas gift ever: getting published in the uber-prestigious New Yorker Fiction Issue. Because that would happen. But we'll just go with it as he's obviously amazingly talented. Predictably Serena felt all inferior so she went out and bought him a watch so he doesn't miss all his important meetings. He was kind of an arse about it and wouldn't take the gift. Instead, they agree to stay under $50...
  • The Humphrey parents' happiness didn't last too long. In a flash it was revealed Allison was carrying on behind Rufus' back. Overall I'm glad that she is on her way to Hudson, but that final scene with her was a little sad.
  • Oh, but why on earth was Dan reading his Mum's mail out loud?
  • I really want Mr. Waldorf and his European lover to just move in with Blair and her Mum. One big happy family! Blair was momentarily childish, but Mum saved the day. Yay Eleanor! (Never thought I'd say that...)
  • Chuck's so bad with those text messages to Blair asking about how she faked her virginity and threatening to tell Nate. Bad Chuck. (Come back!)
  • Serena on Bart Bass: "He raised Chuck. That scares me." Ha.
  • And a big ol' cliffhanger at the end! Rufus was outside the van der Woodsen apartment in the freezing cold with no jacket semi-professing his love for Lily on her answering machine while inside Bart Bass was proposing to her. That seems a bit out of the blue since just a few episodes ago he was ignoring her, but okay – I'll go with it! What's she going to do? And how will Chuck react?

So, what did you think about the episode – Is Eleanor Waldorf growing on you? Will Chuck tell Nate? I want to know all your thoughts!

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