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Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 18 "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" Season Finale

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Ep 18, "Much 'I Do' About Nothing"

So, last night ITV showed the season finale of Gossip Girl, and... well... I was a little underwhelmed. Yes, there were some great one-liners, a lot of good Chuck moments, and we even witnessed Dan scheming alongside Blair – at first glance, last night's episode was everything we could have asked for from GG, so why did it fall flat for me?

It felt rushed for one thing – I think they actually gave us too much, too fast and didn't leave us with much of a finale cliffhanger. Still, regardless of how anti-climactic many of the scenes felt, there was still a lot that went down and so much we must discuss. And don't forget to take Fab UK's quiz!

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  • The Georgina story has been building for weeks, her evilness reaching new scary levels with every lie. I expected her to go out swinging, in a fiery blaze of defeat just before she was about to cause permanent damage to everyone involved. But instead, Georgina quietly imploded into a spoiled child who was more scared of her parents than anything else and – what's more – this was all resolved only ten minutes into the program. Disappointing, no? I mean, it was getting so good.
  • And Rufus and Lily also kinda sputtered out without much fanfare. These two are supposed to have super "they must be together" tension and yet they're so adult about their feelings for each other. That's just no fun. When Rufus shows up at Lily's wedding they kind of shrug, say they love each other and Rufus says, "Have a nice wedding!" Oh. Where's the drama in that?!
  • I enjoyed how the sweet morning music screeched to a halt at the opening of the episode as Blair realised she was in Chuck's arms. Chuck's response, "We were up late plotting against Georgina, we must have dozed off."
  • Speaking of plots, everyone was extremely self-aware this week, including Dan who sought help from Blair to get back at Georgina and said, "This is so weird, I don't usually do plots against people."
  • Loved Gossip Girl's addition to this, "Poor Humphrey. Looks like our regular moral compass, isn't such a straight arrow after all.”
  • Rufus is going on tour with one of my fave bands The Breeders! That's super-cool, well, in a fictional sense.
  • I was annoyed with the did he/didn't he sleep with Georgina issue? But I loved how Serena just did not want to hear it.

  • Meanwhile, it is hammered home that Chuck's love for Blair brings out the good, decent person in him which is, as Blair tells Serena, awfully ironic given Blair's general disposition. Still, she lets herself get swept away by Chuck's charm (ha!) and grosses out Serena by talking about how sexy he is. Tres amusant.
  • As predicted, Dan could not stick it out with Serena and he broke up with her. However, I thought he sounded awfully sanctimonious when he yelled, "I got seduced by someone else because of your lies!" Uh, no. I'm pretty sure the only one responsible for Dan getting seduced was Dan. Come on now, take a little ownership here.
  • So Dan and Serena break up, Chuck and Blair are in love, Nate and Chuck are friends again, and Jenny gets an internship with Blair's mum for the summer. So, they skip ahead one week. Wasn't sure about this... could really have ended it there. But skip ahead we do...
  • And before I can even process anything that has happened (heartbreak for D and S, C and B together), every relationship changes. Again. Headspin.
  • I get that Blair and Chuck have more sparks apart from each other than together, but still. Did they have to break them up that fast? We're talking an ad break here. I'm confused why Josh Schwartz and gang wouldn't want to take their time with Chuck and Blair's story — I think a couple episodes of them falling in love so that their inevitable implosion is that much more heartbreaking and/or fabulous would have been awesome. Though perhaps that was their arc and the writers' strike compacted the season to the extent the end went a little awry...
  • It ends with Chuck unable to commit to Blair and gives in to guest star Lydia Hearst's charms. But then Blair finds her own random hottie on her way to Europe for the summer. And, of course, as soon as Dan is single, so is Vanessa. She made me laugh when she admitted that Nate was prettier than her.
  • So that leaves Nate and Serena, alone, together. Probably going to the Hamptons. Sigh

So, what did you think? Was the season finale fun or were you left feeling a little cold? I say bring on season 2!!

Photos courtesy of The CW

iheartstyle iheartstyle 9 years
it wasnt great, i expected it to be really good and end on a cliffhanger but it let me down
milagenovez milagenovez 9 years
it was great
OliveBlack OliveBlack 9 years
I agree with all of the points mentioned- I definitely thought the whole thing felt rushed, especially how easy it was for them to bring Georgina down. And I really wanted to see Chuck and Blair together for a bit longer. The "one week later" bit really could have been left out entirely, it didn't add anything to the story, and I thought the who's with who aspect would have worked better if it were resolved at the beginning of series 2 instead.
anna-felicity anna-felicity 9 years
I did like this episode, especially between Chuck and Blair, it was really funny! When does season 2 come out in the UK?
rubberchick rubberchick 9 years
Although I do agree, it was a little rushed and the Georgina thing was a bit of climax, I actually like that she was stopped in her tracks by her parents. It kind of reminds people that these are just kids after all, playing at grownups.
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