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Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 6, "The Handmaiden's Tale"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Ep 6 "The Handmaiden's Tale"

Wow. So much happened in last night's Gossip Girl, that I'm kind of exhausted! I'm still loving everyone, and the addition of Vanessa, who is awesome (though, I'm a little disappointed that, unlike the book character, she doesn't have a shaved head.). How well were you paying attention last night? Take Fab UK's fashion quiz later today to find out! Here's what went down:

  • So, two big parties last night. But which looked more exciting? The gang's masquerade ball or the parents' Moroccan-themed event? Both were so ridiculously decadent...and full of the scandal that I love.
  • Dan needs to stop lying, he has terrible luck and there were so many consequences this episode. Hopefully he learned his lesson as he got caught in every single lie he told. Maybe he's just naive, and I know he's just trying to stop people getting hurt but... just, stop!
  • New entrant Vanessa is totally rocking a Lily Allen look with the sportswear, neon colours, and big gold earrings.
  • Ah, scandal in the Archibald household, things got almost Skins-esque when the cocaine came into view. It was all handled so nonchalantly for American network TV – they weren't even shy about Chuck wanting some.

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  • The titular blog finally got some screen time. I wasn't too keen on the narration from gossip girl at the start of the series, but she has definitely grown on me. With all the complications of the plot sometimes it's a useful tool to progress the story and disseminate information.
  • ANTM fans, did you notice cycle 7 winner CariDee English on Chuck's dad's arm...for a second?
  • So Jenny is slowly showing signs she could totally jump over S and B's heads and become an evil head honcho of the Upper East Side. Where did she get those guts from? Locking Chuck up outside? Nice.
  • Speaking of Mr. Bass – I adored Chuck's devil mask and red suit... perfect!
  • I'm surprisingly still enjoying the parents. Even though Rufus Humphrey is still no Sandy Cohen and needs to stop trying to be. I think it's the hair that makes me think he's trying to be Sandy...
  • I grinned when Dan qualified his love for Vanessa as a "16-year-old" thing. So much older and wiser now that they are 17. Yes – 17. I know, I know... but back in the day Dawson never looked like a teenager right? So lets not dwell on this.
  • I thought Nate was a little pathetic during his proclamation of love for Serena (or, as the case may be, Jenny, who he thought was Serena). I know he's going through a weird time, but... just give up on trying to get with Serena for now!

So, did you think it was a good episode or was there too much going on? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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