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Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 8 "Victor, Victrola"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Ep 7, "Victor, Victrola"

Has it been a week already since we last delved into the world of the Upper East Side and Gossip Girl? It has, and there was even more scandal and intrigue a-brewing in last night's episode. Don't forget to take Fab UK's GG Fashion quiz! Love. This. Show.

  • We saw a little more of Chuck and his Dad's relationship in this episode – Chuck wanted to invest in a burlesque club (Victrola) and it became so clear how eager he is for acceptance and praise from his Dad.
  • "Parents suck" was the general theme of this episode (at least for the first half). Dan and Jenny's Mum, Chuck's Dad, Blair's Mum, Nate's parents... they all just put their kids in impossible situations!
  • Loved the awkward making out between Serena and Dan. I'm still finding them really endearing as a couple.

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  • Chuck’s Dad and Serena’s Mum?! Hmm. Not sure I like that. Although I'm not sure I like the whole Rufus/Lily thing either. On a side note, I kinda wish rent-a-stern-man Alan Dale was playing Chuck’s Dad.
  • How teenage – Dan panicking about his upcoming sex with Serena, and reading the Kama Sutra, trying to get tips from porn… well, “art cinema”. Oh Dan. Main advice from his Dad and Vanessa: Lose the football sheets.
  • Nate’s Dad was buzzed at the dinner, forcing Blair to try on the family engagement ring. They’re 17 – talk about rushing it. Especially considering Nate’s not exactly got a whole lotta love for Blair. Speaking of parents rushing it, what was with Chuck's Dad saying "Do you know how long I've waited for you to show an interest in something other than partying?". He's 17. OK, rant over.
  • So Nate's dad drug thing is deeper than just drugs... a bit of financial scandal for us!
  • Vanessa started to grate on me this episode I'm afraid. Give Dan some personal space already?! Why interrupt him and Serena, just back away from the window!
  • I kind of love bitchy Blair.
    • Awww, Jenny went off to find her mom. So I guess we'll see her next week?
    • Gotta love daring, sassy Blair at the burlesque club. So did she sleep with Chuck? Even at the beginning it seemed Blair sees deeper layers to Chuck than most. But he's so despicable sometimes. I kinda love their dynamic, can't wait to see what happens next!
    • So what did you think of this week's episode? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below!


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