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Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Series 1, Episode 4 "Bad News Blair"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Episode 4 "Bad News Blair"

Truce or consquences? That was the question Gossip Girl left us with at the end of the last episode, and this week Blair and Serena went through another whole load of ups and downs. Don't forget to check your fashion notes against Fab UK's quiz! But, for now, here's my thoughts:

  • Blair's Breakfast At Tiffany's dream was a surreal start to the episode. Then she woke up and there was Serena at brunch with her mother. Eek. Of course Blair's jealousy was reignited – it's never smooth sailing between these two is it?
  • Chuck hosted a boys' 'lost' weekend, but new face Carter entered to rain on Chuck's parade. He was not convinced by Carter's apparent 'life's about who you are, not what you own' philosophy. Naive Nate was though.
  • My fave Chuck line this ep: "I don't want to hear about not needing material things from a guy with that much product in his hair."

For more of my thoughts, and my favourite picture so far this season, just read more

  • Serena's direction of Blair's original fashion shoot was awesome, especially, "Be Britney with the umbrella!"
  • OK, so Dan's self-pitying nature is grating on me a little, along with Serena's self-involvement, Blair's hard shell and Nate's naivety... but I'm liking Chuck more each week (and not just for his fashion choices). Yes, he's despicable, especially with this week's "Lost Weekend". But he's definitely growing on me.
  • A guitar does not a cool Dad make. Come on writers, make Rufus cool. You did it for Sandy Cohen!! Come on!
    • OMG Chuck's basketball outfit made me happy. So happy. Matching pastel blue head and wristbands. Crown-printed top. Genius.
    • Eleanor eventually chose Serena over Blair for her fashion line – wow, the world just loves putting these two in competition. Let's face it, Eleanor is not a great Mum – there's the snide jibes about her daughter's weight, her not telling Blair they're going with Serena for the shoot, oh and the fact she's generally too self-involved to care about Blair.
    • I completely felt for Blair when she walked in on Serena doing the photoshoot. Ouch.
    • Who knew Blair and Dan would share with each other? Those parent-troubles bring opposites together.
    • Chuck to the rescue!?!? He saved Nate's skin. Who knew? Could it be he actually has loyalty to friends underneath it all?
    • Serena and Blair ended in a smile-filled amateur photoshoot with stolen clothes from the Waldorf collection. Payback!

    Ahh, for all my little gripes I am loving, loving, loving this show. This ep gets five stars from me for Chuck's basketball outfit alone. What did you think of it though? As always, I'm listening!


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