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Pop Watch: Lipstick Jungle Recap, Season 1, Episode 4 "Bombay Highway"

Pop Watch: Lipstick Jungle, Episode 4, "Bombay Highway"

In this week's Lipstick Jungle, I really liked how the way the three women's stories tied into each other. Nico confiding in her friends about her affair (with handsome, handsome Kirby) set into motion several other threads for the rest of the characters: Wendy's worry about keeping her own marriage alive, Wendy and Nico's assumption that Victory can't understand their lives because she's not married, and Wendy's frustrations with Nico spilling into a conflict with Victory. Basically, their reactions felt more based in reality. Here's some more of my thoughts on last night's episode:

  • Nico was clearly never going to be able to lie her way out of the lawsuit so it's a good job Kirby dropped it. Of course, it's not like telling the truth was ever really an option.
  • Do you think Kirby really just wanted Nico, not the money, all along? I do think he wants to be with her, but when he asked Nico how many other men she'd done this to, I found myself wondering how many other women he'd gotten involved with like this.

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  • Meanwhile, the writers are giving Nico an easy — or, at least, easier — out by insinuating that Charles might be having an affair with one of his students. I suppose it's easier to feel sympathy for her if she's not the only one cheating. Also: Was it implied that Nico was one of Charles's students once upon a time, with that line about her still owing him a paper?
  • I'm glad we've seen more complex sides of Wendy in the last few episodes. She's a micromanager, which can annoy her friends and family, and she's not thrilled when things don't go according to plan. I'm glad she found a balance, letting both Victory and her star have their moments after things got really ugly.
  • The drama of Wendy's reaction shot made me think Victory's dress was going to be hideous. But no, it was just a tiny bit low-cut.
  • Two funny alcohol-related moments: Victory's "Does this room have a minibar?" and its echo later with the starlet hunting for Victory's bourbon.
  • Victory and Joe are still the weak link for me. On the one hand, I'm glad he didn't try to fly her anywhere dramatic and, like, buy her her own personal Alp this week. On the other hand, they're kind of boring in New York.

So, what did you think of this week's episode? I'm curious... let me know!

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