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Pop Watch: Lipstick Jungle, Series One, Episode Five, "Dressed to Kill"

Pop Watch: Lipstick Jungle, Episode Five, "Dressed to Kill"

This week each of our main Lipstick Jungle characters messed around in someone else's business (or had someone else mess around in theirs). Victory's ex-assistant came back to make Victory's life miserable, Wendy tried to kick-start her husband's music career, and Nico and Kirby continued alternately embracing and stomping all over each other's hearts. And that was just the basics.

  • We saw the result of Victory's assistant stealing her sketches! I loved the scene with her banging on the window of the store, yelling "Those are my dresses!" as very confused Joe tried to figure out what on earth was going on. "And they will be. Tomorrow. I'll even throw in a handbag!" Hmm, you've got the wrong end of the stick there Joe.
  • Also, nice airing for the "fashion design isn't considered art, so it's not protected under copyright law" debate.
  • Colour me relieved when I realised Reese was lying in the scene where she apologised to Victory, because otherwise, she would be the worst actress on earth. Luckily, she was supposed to be bad.

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  • I'm not sure I totally understood Victory's scheme at Nico's party, but either way, I don't think it worked as planned. Did she want to confront the designer? Reese? Both? Because I don't think the plan was to be out in the freezing cold, entrenched in a girlfight with her ex-assistant. Now, as for how Reese managed to rip one piece off Victory's dress during their catfight without leaving her naked, I can't explain that, either. The magic of TV.
  • I'm surprised we haven't seen Lipstick's in-show blog before now. Hello, "Gotham Gazer"!
  • The overlong montage of Shane playing piano in the club was a little too much, but it gave us yet another opportunity to see what kind of bad decisions Wendy can make when she thinks she's doing the right thing. Her heart is always in the right place, but the follow-through doesn't quite work sometimes. There was just no way that director didn't feel pressured into giving Shane the job, and I can't imagine Wendy will be able to keep that secret for long.
  • Nico and Kirby: still pulled together, then drawn apart, over and over and over again. Love that Kirby had a chalkboard mounted in his living room — so convenient when your illegitimate girlfriend needs to suddenly write the rules of your relationship. Good thing Kirby didn't bring the actress home, though; I bet that list would have been a hard thing to explain. Still. He's SO hot.
  • Interesting, though, that they both broke the "no emotional attachment" rule within the same episode. Come on, that was never going to last.
  • From the mixed-metaphor department: Shane saying giving the director the CD was an executive decision like "buying mittens for our son." Yeah. Mittens. Big decision.
  • Loved the Salty Tears fake movie poster in Wendy's office. Fab!

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