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Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Season 1, Episode 3 "The Fun In Funeral" (& Episode 2 "Dummy")

Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Ep 3 "The Fun In Funeral"

"What? Where's episode 2?!" I hear you cry... Well, due to some scheduling difficulties, ITV decided to miss out one of my favourite episodes of Pushing Daisies in order to move the story along. They only have space for 8 of the 9 episodes made so far, and number 2 was the one that got the chop. So, sorry about that. But they have promised that they'll schedule it in for some other time, so I'll keep you posted on it... mutter, mutter. If you're wondering what happened in the missing episode 2 check out this recap. Anyway, on with the show, and on with a few of my thoughts...

  • So this week, Emerson and Ned were looking into the murder of a funeral director. The funeral director who died to let Chuck live. Which totally freaked Ned out... I'm glad they actually dealt with this, as I thought we'd never hear about this guy again!
  • This led to Chuck finding out about the sacrifice Ned had made to let her live, and gave her an awful lot to mull over.
  • But it turned out the funeral director was a pretty bad sort anyway, robbing the bodies that entered his workplace of all their expensive worldly goods.... So really it's all OK. The funeral director (Lawrence Schatz) ran the home with his twin brother Louis, who originally wanted to find out who killed him. But Ned's magic touch revealed that Louis had been in on it all along! Tut tut.
  • I still can't get over how cute Anna Friel is. Cute as a button! I love her.

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  • I loved that Emerson Cod immediately fled the funeral home when the coffin got stuck shut with the half-living funeral director inside it. He's so selfish, yet grumpily lovable.
  • Also agreeing with me this time round – Olive's haircut. She had her own little storyline, as she became involved with Chuck's eccentric aunts – and began to unravel Chuck's trail. Her current theory is that Chuck faked her own death for some "nefarious purpose"... how gleeful she must be! Surely that will mean the piemaker will fall for her instead of Chuck? Bless.
  • Ahhh, Emerson getting stuck and Chuck referring to him as Winnie The Pooh made me chuckle. Those two definitely have a love/hate relationship, but Chuck is so ridiculously nice I don't think she notices.
  • Ned's childhood Jedi skills got a good working out in the sword fight. Who knew he was so quick on his feet?
  • I hope they completely thaw out and clean those pie freezers after Louis Schatz was found dead in there. So unhygienic.
  • I liked that Chuck's trying to take care of her aunts by baking mood-lifters into the pies. Surely not completely ethical, but if she can't see them, I suppose she has to find a way to cheer them up...
  • Also, the last joke about getting some saran wrap / cling film to kiss through? That would be explained by the missing second episode in which they kiss through some plastic bags. Not touching. Therefore not killing Chuck for good...

So are you still enjoying this magical series? Did you notice a jump between episodes caused by the missing one? Let me know... I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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