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Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Season 1, Episode 4 "Pigeon"

Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Episode 4 "Pigeon"

We're on episode four of Pushing Daisies, and the show's getting more fantastical by the week. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this latest installment, so make sure you leave some comments after reading some of mine:

  • Most heartbreaking line of the series so far was from poor Ned – "What's a rooftop full of bees compared to someone who can catch her when she falls?" Bless.
  • Investigations this week surrounded the reason a crop duster crashed into a luxury apartment, which was far more complicated that it sounded, and Olive pondered what to do about Chuck's secret.
  • Poor Chuck. She's seemed to be pretty much OK with the no-touching business with Ned, but she didn't hesitate at the chance to hold Lem's hand. Not surprising, I guess – remember her speech about the healing nature of hugs? But it was cause for Ned to get both jealous and worried about their future. What is life without a hand to hold?
  • I demand more singing in this show – that awesome duet of "Birdhouse in Your Soul" in the back of the car was super-fun!

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  • Olive and the aunts looked after an "alive again" carrier pigeon aka Pidge ("It's a miracle bird!") who had a message to deliver. Everything eventually converged at a windmill, where it was revealed that the windmill's resident, Elsita, had been keeping up a carrier-pigeon correspondence with Lem that her mother had started with Lem's cellmate. Phew!
  • I'm still loving Olive, and she got the chance to be both villain and hero this time. She wanted to screw up Chuck's secret — but she's also become close to the aunts on their own, thanks to the pigeon plot and didn't want them to feel shocked or betrayed.
  • Jayma Mays was brilliant as Elsita in the hostage scene. "You take a hostage like you tie your sneakers." I enjoyed the way she easily scooted out of the bows when Pidge crashed into the window.
  • Emerson's grumpy nature is still hilarious. As was the (rightfully) suspicious coroner.
  • How adorable was the beekeeper suit dance? In fact, the entire bee plotline was fab. Chuck: "What happened to the bees that stung you? That's a suicide attack!"
  • It's been obvious that the show doesn't have the budget it did in the pilot, but I have to say I think this really helps the fantasy elements of the plots. It's all so stylized.
  • The moment Aunt Lily saw Chuck in the car mirror and the sail of the windmill magically made her disappear gave me chills.

So did you enjoy this week's episode? And who are your favourite characters? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this lazy Sunday!

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