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Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Season 1, Episode 5 "Girth"

Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies, Episode 5 "Girth"

So it was Halloween episode time on Pushing Daisies last night (a problem we constantly have thanks to the delay in us getting American shows), but I certainly got into the Halloween spirit as the story was perfectly ghostly and mysterious. Here's some of my thoughts:

  • I was so happy to get an Olive-centric episode. I love her. This time we learned about a big secret from her past, which was perfect timing since she's got what she perceives as Chuck's secret wrapped up in her brain.
  • The case itself was almost Sleepy Hollow-esque and lended itself well to the fantastical world of Daisies. Loved the horse-shoe imprints on each victim's face, and the bar that Emerson almost got kicked out of because he was 'over 60 inches' tall.
  • Ned had some ghosts of his own past to put to rest. The revelations about his Dad breaking off almost all contact with Ned and joining a whole new family while he was a child at boarding school was so sad. It took Chuck's aunts telling him what a good man he'd become despite his "jackass" of a father to get him to move on.

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  • Emerson's one-liners are always a high point for me, but he was really on form in this episode. A few favourites: "Don't try to think that's a word that anybody knows." "Think of it as an escrow between my thighs." "Different like purple and mauve." Oh and Olive's "I scream, you scream, no one screams when you fake your death!"
  • I'm enjoying Olive and Chuck's increasing screen time together as they battle for Ned's affections. The scene with Olive bouncing up and down on her bed made me smile — but not as much as Olive finally getting swept off her feet by Ned, only to be dropped as soon as he realized Chuck was around. Poor Olive.
  • I really laughed when the doorbell rang and Lily said she'd get a shotgun, while Vivian grabbed the candy bowl. It says it all about their personalities.
  • How cute were young Ned and Digby trick-or-treating in their matching ghost outfits?

Did you love this episode? I think I'm falling in love with this show more and more each week. I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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