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Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies: Season 1, Episode 7, "Smell of Success"

Pop Watch: Pushing Daisies: Episode 7, "Smell of Success"

We got something a little different this time round on Pushing Daisies: a plot thread not involving our core characters that could continue for more than one episode. Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens turned up as a scent expert who sniffed something odd on Chuck. Will he be back? Here's some of my thoughts on this scent-filled episode:

  • My favouite moment of this slightly different episode was Aunt Vivian's "Morning Has Broken." I loved the way that scene was put together, from the shadow of the rain hitting Aunt Lily's face to the moment they dove into the pool together. Only a show like this could make that work.
  • However, this week's show just didn't feel quite sharp enough to me. We're solidly into another phase with the aunts' story, and the rest of the show seems to need an injection of something new as well. Perhaps new character Oscar Vibenius will be the source? Or perhaps Molly Shannon's upcoming appearances?
  • The case this time around focused on a "nose" who had written a book on making odours work for you and who turned out to be staging near-death experiences for himself in order to get more publicity. That led to some particularly vivid descriptions of scents ("pungent like fried chicken grilled on a bed of hair"), and provided the chance for Olive to coax the aunts back into the pool, thanks to the rejuvenating scent of chlorine.

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  • In one of the sweetest Young Ned segments yet, we learned that Ned became The Piemaker to stay close to his mother after her death. Not a groundbreaking revelation, but it explained why Ned would reject Chuck's cup-pie idea; he wants to stay true to his mom's memory. But he's also madly in love with Chuck (and who wouldn't be, Anna Friel is so adorable), and so in the end, the cup-pies won their spot on the Pie Hole's menu.
  • He and Chuck were so cute hugging each other by hugging themselves; that may be as "together" as they ever get, but in a moment like that, it's enough.
  • Emerson usually rules the one-liners, but this episode belonged to the fab Kristen Chenoweth as Olive. From the "is that a rolling pin in your apron" joke to her take on the stages of grief — "something, something, something, acceptance!" — she delivered many of the episode's funniest moments.
  • Though it was an more understated week for Emerson, his "your book was a bomb" bit was very amusing. As was his enjoyment of "Knit Wit" magazine, for knitting humour...
  • Until that opening scene with Young Ned, it hadn't ever occurred to me that Ned can't even eat his own pies. That must suck!
  • Ha! I loved Chuck's "Jews for Cheeses" T-shirt.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts – Would you like to see Vibenius return? And does the show need something new to keep it going, or are you loving it as it is? Let me know!

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