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Pop Watch: Recap Of Gossip Girl, Series Two, Episode Two "Never Been Marcused"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Episode Two "Never Been Marcused"

I must say, I am loving how fun Gossip Girl is right now — It's kind of crazy, don't you think? In last night's second episode we finally caught up with everyone, including Rufus who's back from his band tour, Jenny back from playing in the Hamptons with Eric, and Vanessa who has been watching the gallery, decorating it and apparently turning it into a funky cafe.

Besides Dan and Serena's PDAs, the episode completely belonged to Blair, who's decided she's in love with "the Lord" and hatched a scheme to impress his step-mother the Duchess in order to hang on to him. Which of course meant that Chuck had to hatch a scheme of his own to get rid of him. Amazing. Here's some more of my thoughts, I can't wait to read yours!

We have so much to chat about — don't forget to take FabUK's amazing fashion quiz — so let's get started, just read more.

  • Dan and Serena are seriously back together ( well, "getting it on") even though they feel like they should think about it a little since they really haven't explored the reasons they broke up.
  • Dan was decidedly less annoying this episode! It probably has to do with letting go of his sometimes insanely self-righteous inhibitions and following his crotch heart. Dan's getting a little of Penn Badgely's charm, now he's less thoughtful and more... almost sexy?
  • The seen on the bus with Serena and Dan reminded me of the old chewing gum advert remember? But with out of the ordinary sized fruit.... a far more exciting journey back that Blair and Marcus, if unhygienic.
  • Nate's family drama was back, with his dad on the run and his family in serious financial trouble due to the authorities in their business.
  • "I'll figure it out, I just need time" seemed to be all Nate said the entire episode. Well, that and, "I just need someone to talk to!"
  • And then he pretty much sold his body to the Duchess! I felt so dirty at the end when he took an envelope full of money from her, she rubbed his thigh (ew!), and then he made sad eyes out the window.
  • Let's go back a little — so, the Duchess is Marcus's step-mother, and she's doing it with Nate, and Blair and Nate are exes. You get the drift. As usual, the only person who doesn't know any of this is Dan.
  • Blair to Serena re: the Duchess: "She made Waldorf rhyme with Spears! I might as well go commando!"
  • I really do think Chuck is pretty irresistible when he's doing good deeds. But I love Chuck, so maybe I'm a little biased. Trying to help Nate was nice of him, even though Nate was mortified by his friend loaning his mom money.
  • Chuck was also trying to strike up a "bromance," (love that word) as GG put it, with Marcus in order to get to his step-mother and ensure she would hate Blair. Doing evil and good in one episode? The dichotomy of Chuck.

I loved this episode, but what did you think? Leave me all your thoughts, I can't wait to read them!

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